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The Honored Ensemble of Georgia - Ajarian Song and Dance State Academic Ensemble named after Meliton Kukhianidze "Arsiani" was founded in 1921.

The first concert of the Ensemble took place on July 11, 1922.

In 1961, in connection with the 40th anniversary of the Ensemble to perpetuate the name of the founder, the Ensemble was named in honor of Meliton Kukhianidze.

The Ensemble consists of professional singers, dancers and musicians.

The children's choreographic groups were founded under the state Ensemble in 1994.

The children's preparatory choreographic and singing groups were formed in the state ensemble, as well as groups for learning to play Georgian folk instruments in 2012. During their existence, they have participated in international festivals, both within the country and abroad.

The first historical museum of the Ensemble was opened in 2014.

In 2014, a documentary was filmed about the Ensemble “From the foundation to the present day” - directed by Irakli Kacheishvili.

From January 1, 2016, the Ensemble was granted the status of an academic ensemble. It should be noted that in terms of age, the Ensemble is the second academic ensemble after “Erisioni”, and among the regions of Georgia - the first.

In 2016, the Ensemble turned 95 years old, as part of its anniversary, the Ensemble toured in Georgia and abroad. And on July 11 of the same year, a solemn concert was held, the Ensemble Star and a memorial plaque with the name “Amagdarni (who was and remained)" was opened.

The Ensemble was named "Arsiani" in 2017.

The following coryphaeus of Georgian folklore performed in the Ensemble: David Javrishvili, Artem Erkomaishvili, Enver Khabadze, Mirian Chkhikvishvili, Aleksadre Jijeishvili, Phatman Kobaladze, Temel Mikeladze, Iasha Khalvashi, Tophan Meladze, Yury Tsintsadze (Tsimtsima), Zurab Baghdadishvili, Tamaz Bezhanidze, and others.

During this time the Ensemble successfully visited many countries of the world: Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, USA and others.

The secret of the ensemble's success lies in the ability to present to the world samples of Georgian folklore created many centuries ago and perform folk songs and dances on a professional level. to convey to the viewer, the Georgian ethnographical culture with high performing polyphony and the language of plastics; The amorous, martial, festive mood, causing the admiration of spectators and unforgettable impressions.

The Ensemble’s repertoire includes samples of song and dance folklore from all regions of Georgia.

The Ensemble is equipped with highly artistic stage costumes and props.

The Ensemble is a participant and winner of many festivals and competitions:

  • 1957, Russia, Moscow - VI World Festival of Youth and Students;
  • 1969, Bulgaria - World Festival of the Burgas Folklore. The Grand Prix;
  • 2006-2007 years, Syria - International Festival of Folklore in Damascus. The Grand Prix;
  • 2011, Turkey - 50th International Festival - Competition of Bursa Folklore. The Grand Prix;
  • 2011, Italy - International Festival of Folklore under the auspices of S.I.O.F.F.;
  • 2010-2013 years, Georgia - Khobi International Festival "Song about Samegrelo";
  • 2012, Turkey - International Tourism Fair “EMITT 2012”;
  • 2012-2013 years, Germany-France - The Charity Project "Georgia - Part of Europe”;
  • 2014, Belarus - XVII International Festival of Folk Music “Звiняць  цымбалы i гармонiк”;
  • 2015, Ukraine, Kiev Days;
  • 2016, Kazakhstan (cities of Astana and Alma-Ata) Events dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia;
  • 2016, Azerbaijan, Baku;
  • 2017, Bulgaria, Varna - International Festival "BEST FEST 2017" - Nomination Best Folklore;
  • 2017, Egypt, Alexandria and Cairo cities;
  • 2017, Ukraine, Kropyvnytskyi city;
  • 2018, Spain, Barcelona - International Competition-Festival "Golden Voice of Barcelona" - the first place;
  • 2018, Tours in the Republic of Turkey / 15 cities / - Choreographic Show Program.
  • 2019 - Tour in Poland, 23 cities, choreographic show concert. 2019 - Hungary. International Folk Dance Competition "Chain Bridge". 4 nominations. The best music, The best choreography, The best soloist and Grand Prix.


The heads of the Ensemble:

The Director of the Ensemble - winner of the culture medal of the Tbilisi City Hall and the medal of the Emissary of the Choreography of Georgia, the owner of the Order of the brilliance of the Georgian choreography and the Order of Amagdari and Tbel Abuseridze IIDegree Order of Excellence -Giorgi  Chanishvili

 artistic director, the owner of the Order of the brilliance of the Georgian choreography and the Order of Amagdari and Honored Art Worker-Temur Koridze

Chief choreographer, Honored Artist of Georgia, Cavalier of the Order of Honor and Order of the Knight of Georgian Dance, honorary citizen of Batumi - Giorgi Chachava

Conductor - Honored Art Worker - Giorgi Chkhartishvili

Orchestra Leader -Honored Art Worke  Giorgi Nagervadze